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Principal Director at Parmars Sports

Dev is an internationally experienced sports lawyer and academic, with previous experience as a football intermediary. He is an active member of Association Internationale des Avocats du Football (AIAF) and the current academic director of the Global Executive Masters in International Sports Law at the world-renowned Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economía (ISDE) in Madrid.



Senior Associate at Senn, Ferrero, Associates

Prior to joining Senn, Ferrero, Asociados, Ignacio worked as a lawyer in the litigation and intellectual property department of Squire, Patton, Boggs and as a legal advisor in the FIFA Player Status department. He has been on the list of pro-bono lawyers of FIFA since November 2019 to assist in proceedings before the Disciplinary Committee, the Committee on Appeal, and the Ethics Commission.

Jaime Cambreleng Contreras

Jaime Cambreleng Contreras

Partner at Cavaliero & Associates

Jaime joined Cavaliero & Associates in 2022 after having worked for more than seven years in the FIFA legal affairs division. Aside from his role at Cavaliero associates, Jaime has lectured in several sports law programmes such as ISDE, University of Lausanne or FIFA’s Diploma in Football Law.


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Learn the Core FIFA Soccer Agent Exam Skill Set

In accordance with the FIFA Agent Exam Rules, all questions are based on the following Study Materials.

FIFA Football Agent Exam Rules (May 2023 edition)

FIFA Football Agent FAQs (March 2023 edition)

FIFA Circular no. 1827: FIFA Football Agent Regulations (2022 edition)

FIFA Circular no. 1805: Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players – categorisation of clubs and registration periods

FIFA Guardians™ Safeguarding Essentials: Course 1

FIFA Guardians™ Child safeguarding toolkit for Member Associations

FIFA Football Agent Regulations (2022 edition)

FIFA Clearing House Regulations (2022 edition)

FIFA Procedural Rules Governing the Football Tribunal (March 2023 edition)

FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players (March 2023 edition)

FIFA Code of Ethics (2023 edition)

FIFA Disciplinary Code (2023 edition)

FIFA Statutes (May 2022 edition)

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We're the Shortest Distance Between You and a Soccer Agent Licence

See why our approach to FIFA Soccer Agent Exam prep is proven to help students score higher, faster. And with a variety of start dates and times available, we’ve made it easier to fit test prep into your busy schedule.

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